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*WKU Faculty Led: United Kingdom (Harlaxton College/London): From Local to Global Community, Place and Leadership in Education
Grantham, United Kingdom; Leicester, United Kingdom; London, United Kingdom; York, United Kingdom (Outgoing Program)
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Program Terms: Summer
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This program is currently not accepting applications.
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Restrictions: WKU applicants only
Program Cost: Summer
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There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
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3, 6
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WKU Credit
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Good Academic Standing with WKU
Program Catagory: WKU Faculty Led
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Gandy, Kay, Murley, Lisa
Colonnade Credit: No Class Eligibility: 5. Graduate
Program Description:
Program Description:
Students will have opportunities for engagement in a real-life international education setting in the United Kingdom. The course goal is for students to think comparatively from local to global using the topical lens of community, place, and leadership in education to explore these concepts. Topics within this framework will include stakeholder partnerships, community resources, educational leadership, curriculum planning, lesson planning, behavior management, service learning, diversity, and teacher leadership.


Dr. Lisa Murley (
Dr. Kay Gandy (


TCHL 545 – Classroom Instructional Strategies
EDU 507/GEOS 507 – GEOS Geographic Concepts and Skills for Teachers
EDLS 796 – International Aspects of Educational Leadership

(3 to 6 credit hours available)

In this course, students will be introduced to the educational system in the United Kingdom in a comparative study with education in the United States. Using the “City as Text” model, students will explore the communities of York and London to map, observe, and reflect on stakeholder partnerships and resources supporting teaching and learning to understand the dynamics of place and community in an international setting. Field experiences in local schools will allow students the opportunity to study educational leadership within an international setting.

Students will design a five-day standards-based unit of study for P-12 students using the Harlaxton Manor and the tenets of global learning as the topic. From that unit, the student will design three lesson plans, each including required instructional models, a behavior management plan, and connections for parent/family and other stakeholder involvement aimed at increasing P-12 learning. Upon completion and as a part of service learning, the student will donate the finished products for inclusion in the Harlaxton Manor curriculum collection.

This collaborative course is designed for Master’s level students in Teacher Leadership and Doctoral students in Educational Leadership. These programs seek to prepare students to be productive, engaged, and socially responsible citizen leaders of a global society. This course will provide students an opportunity to include an international aspect in their program of study and the opportunity to meet with international leaders and work in international communities.


Engage in discussions of readings demonstrating they can:
  • Identify and compare research-based best instructional strategies for diverse classrooms in a local classroom with those identified in a global classroom.
  • Determine the influence of individual differences on the teaching and learning process in a global learning environment.
  • Describe behavior management strategies found in an international classroom.
  • Analyze the importance of family/parent roles in a global learning environment.
  • Evaluate the teacher leadership roles in international classrooms.
  • Discuss educational leadership initiatives in an international setting.
Develop a curriculum project that shows they can:
  • Conduct effective and objective Internet and literature searches on a subject, demonstrating appropriate verification of sources and an ability to analyze their limitations/biases.
  • Design a five-day standards-based unit of study and three lesson plans for P-12 students using an unfamiliar location and the tenets of global learning as the topics.
Note: Doctoral students must write substantially longer and more in-depth papers.


Program leaders may determine stricter eligibility requirements, but at a minimum, all applicants earning credit in a program would meet these requirements:
  • Current WKU student eligible to enroll in WKU courses OR students from outside WKU may participate as non-degree seeking student,
  • Good academic standing as defined in the Undergraduate Catalog or Graduate Catalog,
  • Students must be 18 years old at time of departure (parent/guardian permission for anyone under 18 at the time of departure),
  • Students must be free of disciplinary sanctions as verified by Judicial Affairs,
  • Students must complete prior to being registered in this course.
  • Students must select program on TopNet and pay $250 deposit to finalize admittance process,
  • Student must possess passport book valid for a least six (6) months after return date.
  • Students must complete pre-departure orientations,
  • Full payment prior to departure, and
  • Permission of instructor(s) is required.
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This program is currently not accepting applications.